The Decline and Fall of the Michigan Empire


Seven years ago, the Michigan Wolverines were one of the great football empires. The winning-est college football team of all time. A loyal crowd of 100,000 to watch every home game. The previous year was one score away from playing for a National Championship in a de-fact semi-final game at Ohio State. Stars dotted the lineup like Chad Henne, Mario Manningham, Jake Long and Mike Hart. Dreams of championships and glory filled the dreams of the Maize and Blue.

Today’s Michigan is just another over-rated Big Ten team.

And most of it is not the fault of Appalachian State. But it makes for a More >


Official Skunk Bear prediction thread


The long wait is finally over. In a mere three days, Appalachian Football will finally play its first game as an FBS program against the exact same opponent that catapulted them to the upper echelon of college football. Likely, they are plenty of moments that contributed to this moment in time, but that football game seven years ago took support to another level and opened the door to the present day. On the new and improved Sun Belt schedule there are a plenty of teams that Appalachian will be playing for the first time and a couple familiar faces from years past. Georgia Southern and More >

Barry Bonds set the HR record? I didn't know either.

Michigan Seven Years Later: A Student’s Perspective


T-Note: This was the first blog I posted on Yosef’s Cabin two years ago yesterday. I wrote about the Michigan win to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the game from the viewpoint of a student at the time. With all the recollections and memories being found all over the internet this week, here’s a re-post of that piece. The only touch-ups are aesthetically, sizing the images and videos, formatting the page and a couple spelling errors. Besides that it’s the same piece. If I tried to add another paragraph, I’d probably add on another 5,000 words.

Five years ago this Saturday, App State More >

Two-Deep, The Calm Before and Kick That Soccer Ball!


As Ronald Reagan once said, “It’s Morning In America!”. There will be a full slate of football this weekend! It actually starts tomorrow in the Sun Belt as Georgia State kicks off. So it’s like a celebrating going from Wednesday to Monday, since there’s no NFL and TV networks like making money. Life is back to normal for the next few months until it goes away again and everyone gets sad.

It’s Michigan Week. Been waiting a long time to say that. A lot has changed since 2007, but the main facts are the same. App State will travel to Ann Arbor for a Noon game this Saturday against the Wolverines More >

The Post-Cobb World News and Notes


-Charlie Cobb is gone. He was introduced to the dozen or so Georgia State fans on Friday morning and officially starts at Georgia State at the start of the month. Rick Beasley is now the associate AD, but there’s no timetable for the process. It’s not like a head coach job where you want to fill it ASAP. This is going to take time. Don’t be surprised if the new AD doesn’t start until 2015. The budget and all the heavy lifting for the fall is done, so there’s not as much to do as one would think. Beasley’s strengths are meeting with people and fundraising, so it’s actually a better fit than More >


Charlie Cobb Named AD at Georgia State


App State Director Charlie Cobb has resigned his post to accept the same position at Georgia State.

Cobb has been at his post for over nine years and oversaw an App State program that had a meteoric rise and eventual transition to FBS and the Sun Belt this past summer.

Georgia State will hold a press conference Friday morning at 10 am to introduce Cobb. Afterward Cobb will do a teleconference with App State media members.

As of posting, there’s no official word from App State about an interim or the search process, but it’ll probably be out by the time you read this.

There will be a lot more More >


Fall Camp Notes and Thoughts


The public practices have ended. Eight of the first nine practices were open to anyone, but Friday’s was the last one. Now everything is going to be hearsay and whispers until the High Noon kickoff at Michigan Stadium in three weeks.

Having gone to most of the open practices and collecting info from others, here’s some general consensus. This isn’t gospel and is in no way complete and I only have two eyes and there’s over 100 players on the field at once, but the appetite for anything football makes any information worth consuming.

If you have an questions about someone or were there and saw More >

Yes Yosef, There’s Is A Full D1 Basketball Schedule


If any of you have been reading this blog for the last two years, you know how much I detest the scheduling practices of App State men’s basketball. Last year’s four sub-D1 teams blew a few gaskets.

Now we knew it was going to get better. The Sun Belt had bylaws, but they were changed last year to allow two sub-D1 teams and the 50%  non-conference home scheduling rule was relaxed. So there was a chance for the Milligans and North Greenvilles of the world to make their annual pilgrimage to Boone in December in games App fans just pretended didn’t exist.

But then a balding Yankee came in and More >

July Football Roundup – Media Day, Fanfest & Practice


Last week, Head Coach Scott Satterfield along with student-athlete representatives Kam Bryant and Ronald Blair headed to New Orleans for their first real Sun Belt Media Day at the Superdome. The experience was quite different from the usual Conference Room B at a Spartanburg hotel that the SoCon does. The trio made their way around, talking to the official press gathering and all the radio stations, too many to link here.


The Apps were picked 7th out of 11 teams in the Sun Belt Coaches poll. Apparently you can vote for your own team, which recent Millionaire U-La-La Coach Mark More >

Recapping App State’s Silly Season, Part 1


For all of you NBA, NFL, MLB fans, or really any major sports fans for that matter that obsess over the offseason of your favorite team just as much as you do when actual games are being played, you understand what a “Silly Season” is. For those of you who may not be as familiar, a “Silly Season” is often tagged as the period of time where players become free agents and sign with new teams and there is a constant flow of new stories in the media. While college programs and pro teams operate under vastly different circumstances, I felt the term was appropriate given the amount of activity the More >

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