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Reaction to Every App State 2014 Football Game In GIF Form


I don’t have to write that the 2014 App State Football season was a roller coaster of emotion. This season had the most varying degrees of emotion in recent memory. To properly convey these emotions regarding the 2014 season, I give to you this 56k modem unfriendly blog of GIF.


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Coal Or Cake? Christmas Is Coming Olympic Sports Update


As I type, App State students are in the midst of finals weeks. Coaches are praying to their deity of choice that their athletes don’t screw up. While that happens, sports are kind of winding down this week. Not a whole lot going on. However, next week is full of hoops and some wrestling. So here’s what we’ll do. We’ll break next week, but then return on Monday, December 22 for a catch-all update before the holidays. Then on Christmas, there will be the traditional “Things I Want For A hAPPy Christmas” blog. If there is any breaking news, it will be covered when it can. So besides that, More >

We Ate Our Turkey, Now Let Us Talk Olympic Sports!


Thanksgiving is over. Now we’re in the full Christmas swing. So of course it’s 60 degrees in Boone right now, but not for long, because it’s Boone. I fully expect a blizzard on Saturday, even if the forecast says no way. So I’ll either be skiing into a tree or putting a golf ball into a tree. I’ve done both before.

Football is officially over this season, so it’s that weird time where we start to get excited for basketball but are still suffering from four years of Capel. It’s more than a 12-step recovery process, but we have faith in Fox and Angel, one Guinness at a time.

Volleyball traveled More >

Going Out With A Bang – Apps Claim Winning Record In First FBS Year


It wasn’t the road App fans would have expected, but it is quite fulfilling in the end. 7-5 overall, 6-2 in the Sun Belt for third place. That’s a success. Appalachian State had a winning record in their first FBS season and went 6-4 against FBS opponents. That’s a success.

Scott Satterfield knew the time for growing pains only extended so far. The Liberty loss flipped the switch for this team. Unlike last year where the team fell further when left to their own devices, they stepped up and thrived. The coaches tweaked things and injected youth into the lineup and found that right mix.

This More >


Taters – A Look At App’s New 2,000-Mile-Away Conference Opponent


App State, it’s time to be excited! There’s a turkey in the oven and the Apps have a five-game win streak! It’s above and beyond what many would imagine in the first FBS season. This excitement can been shared across the country in the fact that it’s Rivalry Week! FBS teams all across the land will be going against the teams they hate most and have played scores of times. And in many cases, these schools will face the closest team to them. Many visiting fans will make the short trip to the stadium hosting a team they can’t stand. For the Apps, their Rivalry Week opponent is none of those More >

An App State Of Mind – The Best Week In Olympic Sports Ever


If you don’t know, the team that plays with a oblong ball did good things this past weekend and made everyone happy. But while this was going on, other awesome things were happening as well. After the rotten week before, this week went in the opposite direction. Wins, wins and more wins! And there was the Tapp Room Third Anniversary, which capped off the weekend. Then the winning continued into this week. So as of right now, this might be the best App weekend in a long time. Next best was in December 2007 when the Apps won their third straight football title and men’s hoops won the San Juan More >

Living In La-La Land – Apps Dominate Cajuns


If one were to guess before the season how App State would be 6-5 at this point, no one would have guessed this road. No one would have guessed that would include a 19-point victory over La-Lafayette.

The 35-16 victory not only validated the previous weekend’s win at Arkansas State, but it made App State the most dangerous team in the Sun Belt. It also gave Georgia Southern at worst a share of the Sun Belt title, but whatever, screw ‘em.

The team that lost to Liberty seven weeks ago is now riding higher than it has in a long time.

And They Know It

The early part of the game was a chess match. More >


BREAKING: App State/Louisiana-Lafayette Kickoff Time Moved To 2:00 pm ET


Due to forecasted severe weather in the region, the kickoff time for Appalachian State and Louisiana-Lafayette has been moved up from 5:00 pm to 2:00 pm Eastern.

The game will still be broadcast online at

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A History Of Acadiana and Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajuns


This weekend, App State plays the football team representing the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. However, Cajun Nation doesn’t like that last word, so they like to be called the University of Louisiana. Like how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill tries to forget which hill they are from. Their athletics teams are branded as “Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns” and are trying to convince the world of that to this day.

If you thought UL-Monroe was weird, prepare to ramp up the weirdness as we delve into Cajun Country and UL-Lafayette.

Southern Louisiana was originally settled by the More >

Good Grief – This Week In Olympic Sports


On the court/floor/mat, there wasn’t a whole lot of good this week for the Apps. Good thing football is winning again. Earlier in the year, there was a whole lot of Olympic sport goodness while football was struggling. Now it’s flipped. Is it the weather? Maybe, as it still is really could outside in Boone. In any event, as an App fan, here’s what happened.

Men’s Basketball kicked off the Fox era on Saturday versus Ohio. In a sign of how far this has to go, the Apps fell to the Bobcats 73-47. Like last season, the Apps had a long scoring drought of seven minutes early in the second half while More >

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