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@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:42 pm »
EVeryone have a great evening. I am signing off.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:42 pm »
I still have not gotten over them beating us in 1937.
@ AppinVA « Sat 5:40 pm »
McLeansvilleAppFan wrote: Fuck Southern Miss.
McLeansvilleAppFan wrote: Fuck Southern Miss.
. I could not agree more, but I wouldn’t want to face us if I was them, either.
@ AppinVA « Sat 5:39 pm »
He kicks off. Not punts. Remember the short kickoff at Penn St?
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:38 pm »
Fuck Southern Miss.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:38 pm »
By the way, and if any kids are reading this then close your eyes...
@ hotrod2001 « Sat 5:37 pm »
You’re next USA! Good game App!
@ hotrod2001 « Sat 5:36 pm »
He has redeemed himself. He’s been phenomenal as Punter.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:36 pm »
And she replied back with "Is the game still going?"
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:36 pm »
"She asks if the game is still on?" so I reply "yes" thinking she was not at the game now.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:35 pm »
I just pissed off my daughter. I just asked her if she was still at the game. She
@ AppinVA « Sat 5:34 pm »
I will give him the onside kickoff recovery, but he redeemed himself.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:33 pm »
He did give us the KO recovery on the onside which kept us in the game. For KO his is generally fine, but he came in with such potential. Kicking is a lot of a head game but send in a 3rd stringer in needed again today.
@ hotrod2001 « Sat 5:32 pm »
Yeah, Rubino blew Wake, Southern Miss and Tennessee a few years back. I’m glad Satterfield found a position that suits him but to say he never fails to disappoint is to say you have a short memory.
@ AppinVA « Sat 5:30 pm »
He short kicks at Penn State and they get that return. He has single-handedly kept us from beating Tennessee, Wake Forest and Penn State.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:29 pm »
Not that I would ever boo him as some have done, even with the penalty that was not a hard FG to try.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:29 pm »
I am glad we are letting Rubino do KO as I appreciate some loyalty, and I am glad he got to score this year, but no reason to keep him in again for F unless an injury occurs.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:28 pm »
I have 4 years of eligibility. But I can’t get there in time.
@ AppinVA « Sat 5:27 pm »
Rubino. Never fails to disappoint.
@ hotrod2001 « Sat 5:27 pm »
We’re not even trying now right? When do we put the play callers and Yosef out there?
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:25 pm »
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:11 pm »
Like to see that in the 4th stringers
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:11 pm »
Harper giving it is all on that run.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:09 pm »
Coach Speir’s kid is in the game now.
@ AppinVA « Sat 5:07 pm »
Just win, baby.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:05 pm »
I hate to be a Debbie Downer on this but I don’t see it happening. What I do want to see is continued domination of our football and basketball and baseball move up in performance while VB and women’s basketball and softball push in that direction as well.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:03 pm »
on moving up. If basketball football and baseball were all taking care of business it would be harder to say no to us but that is not the case right now.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:02 pm »
Those maybe should not matter but they will or at least become an excuse to give us a no.
@ McLeansvilleAppFan « Sat 5:02 pm »
The powers that be will want more than just football. And we don’t have PdD programs nor a large endowment.
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:54 pm »
App is on its way, need to hold on to this staff a few years and we will be a sought after program when rearrangement occurs
@ Yosefus « Sat 4:44 pm »
Running clock?
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:43 pm »
Our recruiting is great
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:42 pm »
Peyton Derrick he is on the bench, how’s that
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:40 pm »
Where is Doug these days, forgot
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:36 pm »
Peyton Derrick
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:19 pm »
yea, when I was a kid in Gaston county pop warner FB our most anticipated outings were going to see GW FB games, good school respected
@ ah59396 « Sat 4:17 pm »
excited to see what our young guys can do this half. really not interested in embarrassing GW, they are a solid FCS program.
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:16 pm »
Talking about health care, bless her N.C. heart I love it
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:15 pm »
Anybody listening to this awesome southern accent this chick has
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:14 pm »
That’s true, but will be good for guys to see D1 competition even if FCS level
@ teaasu76 « Sat 4:13 pm »
Can we not get the field mic to pick up the ref’s whistle?
@ Lowcountry App « Sat 4:11 pm »
Second half could get sloppy with reserves playing but we’ll see
@ ASU84 « Sat 4:11 pm »
AppSt94 wrote: How are we going to keep from scoring 80 today?
Scott Satterfield
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:10 pm »
Unless we just don’t try
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:10 pm »
Holy crap 52 pts in a half, we have to score 4 more time
@ Lowcountry App « Sat 4:09 pm »
52 in the first half. Not too shabby
@ AppinVA « Sat 4:07 pm »
Okay. If we are subbing offensive linemen, let’s put Thomas in street clothes at the half.
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:07 pm »
Good for GW hold on F&G from the 3
@ AppSt94 « Sat 4:07 pm »
Who is doing play by play with Pierre?
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:06 pm »
What is the most we have scored in the FBS era?
@ AppSt94 « Sat 4:05 pm »
Pierre is the Color Guy.
@ AppinVA « Sat 4:05 pm »
No idea, 94
@ AppSt94 « Sat 4:04 pm »
How are we going to keep from scoring 80 today?
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:04 pm »
What a great idea to let Zac grow up before giving it to him, hope we see him improve as much as Taylor did, great future, and if someone beats him out all the better
@ Lowcountry App « Sat 4:03 pm »
Can we put up 50+ in the first half?
@ appbio91 « Sat 4:01 pm »
Thomas is another guy we stole, people in G’boro knew what he could do
@ Lowcountry App « Sat 4:01 pm »
Yeah, sounded like Pal Mals.
@ AppinVA « Sat 4:00 pm »
I loooovvvve our S&C program.
@ AppinVA « Sat 3:59 pm »
Pack of Pal Mals?
@ AppinVA « Sat 3:57 pm »

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