It's a new world we're living in now. Recruiting information is a highly sought after commodity; not only by the members of the MMB, but also by other coaching staffs. There have been documented instances of coaches from other schools using information obtained from message boards to affect our recruiting efforts. We want to continue to provide the information that people want, but we also want to be as responsible as we can be with what is now sensitive information. With that in mind, and starting today, all of the recruiting information is going to be placed into an opt-in only folder much like the Politics and Current Events folder we have now. Going forward, people who want access to the folder may send a request to me. Yosef, Firemoose and I will evaluate the request and may ask for additional information before making a decision.

Only Firemoose will be able to post in the recruiting year threads, but there will be a comment thread for each sport where discussion of the recruiting information can take place.

This is still a work in progress, so you may see some threads remain on the main board until I can get them all moved.

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